Cala Lazarina 

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Cala Lazarina is often considered one among the most beuatiful places in Corsica; some people even define it the "pearl" of the Mediterranean, located on the south-eastern coast, south of Cavallo Island.

The cove consists of a group of granite rocks which create some small bays within a very picturesque body of water. Since the bottom is particularly rocky and the coast very jagged, the entrance to the cove is not recommended unless you are an experienced skipper able to moor safe.

Nevertheless, many yachtsmen crowd the bay, especially in summer.

Everyone wants to enjoy the  wonderful views and the pure nature of the coast. The presence of so many boats can make anchorage manouevres a little hard but the good depth of the seabottom and transparent water give a hand.

The whole area is particularly appreciated by all sailors who like stay at anchor at night in order to enjoy breath-taking sunsets and dawns.