Bay Of Rondinara 

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With its round shape and crystal-clear waters, the Bay of Rondinara is one among the most beautiful and photographed places of Corsica.

It is located along the south-eastern coast of Corsica, halfway between Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio (it is about 15 miles far from both the two harbours).

While entering the bay, some rocks, which represent the extension of the peninsulas enclosing the bay on both its southern and northern side, can provoke some troubles.

Rondinara offers a large anchorage which can receive many boats, even though this area has been recently reduced. Yachtsmen must respect the limit of floating buoys which mark the area reserved for bathers and beach activities both south and north of the bay.

The bay of Rondinara offers an excellent shelter from all winds, except for eastern ones; in this case, the safest anchorage is on the northern side of the bay. The sea bottom is sandy, good holding ground with a depth of about 4-5 metres.

Thanks to its beauty and particular shape, the bay is often very crowded in summer, together with its beach, equipped with a camping resort. In the other seasons, visitors can still admire cows descending to the sea and grazing free. Of course, the bay offers a breath-taking landscape and crystal-clear sea in all seasons.

Rondinara offers no real yachting services but, on land, yachtsmen can enjoy many tourist services, such as waste collection, a restaurant, a camping resort and a minimarket. They can reach the beach through a long pier located in the middle of the bay and reachable by tender. Not far from the beach, there is a small village, while Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio are about 15 km far.