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More than a marina, that of Marina Piccola is rather a bay for tenders, situated at the foot of Solaro Mountain and embellished by an uncomparable view on the popular Faraglioni (Stacks).

This bay in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea, one among the most popular areas of the namesake island, was originally born as a small built-up area close to an ancient Roman port, exclusively reserved for local fishermen.

It's a beautiful anchorage post, equipped with a single beach resort on stilts which can offer a temporary shelter, especially from northern winds, to small boats since this anchorage is completely devoid of services. Marina Piccola can be reached from the beautiful serpetine turns of Krupp Street, a pedestrian road built by cutting the rock from the montain to the sea.

It's important to know that anchorages are not recommended in all the other bays because of their high rocky sea bottoms. That of Marina Piccola, on the contrary, is made up of sand and poseidonia, with a depth which varies from 10 to 70 m. Consequently, yachtsmen can drop the anchor in the innermost part of the bay, after entering it on the left side. In some areas, transiting, sailing and any other activity are not allowed, so we recommend to contact the local Port Authority in advance before entering the bay.

The anchorage of Marina Piccola is the ideal place for those looking for a beach with a view on Stacks. To reach it, you can take a bus at the popular Piazzetta or walk along Via Roma until Due Golfi and then take the stairs of Via Mulo.

Near the bus stop of Marina Piccola, a stairway take to the pebbles beach and the small St. Andrew's Chirch, built in 1900.

Walking down the stairs, you can reach the Sirens' Rock which, according to some scholars, was the original place of the terrible sirens told by Homer in his Odyssey. These rocks divide the bay of Marina Piccola into two small beaches: Marina di Mulo and Marina di Pennauro, used as a small harbour by ancient Romans.

If you're planning to visit Marina Piccola, we suggest to arrive in early morning since, in this area of the island, sun goes away in the middle of the afternoon (in summer, after 17:00)

Marina Piccola is a perfect place to have a bath even in winter since the anchorage is well-sheltered and enjoys a particular southern exposure which gives it some degrees more than the rest of the island.