Cala Bianca 

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Cala Bianca is one among the anchorages closest to Marina di Camerota and Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park. The establishment of this park in 1991 has allowed to protect most of the Cilento's territory, one among the southern areas of Campania, which has been declared World's Heritage Site by Unesco just thanks to the beauty of its beaches.

This wide territory encloses the coasts in the province of Salerno with their golden/dark-sand beaches and clear-blue waters. Among them, there's certainly Cala Bianca,declared in 2013 as one among the most beautiful beaches of Italy by Legambiente. It is a real and precious nature's masterpiece, well-preserved by local citizens who had already considered it a good reason of pride long before Legambiente's survey.

The name of this bay comes from the shining white colour of its pebbles. Thanks to its very clean sea, it is considered a real heaven on earth and a beach with one of the cleanest seas in Italy. It's, in fact, a real tropical paradise at anyone's fingertips.

This anchorage post is part of one of the wildest Italian stretches of coast, with no roads, houses nor hotels: there are just about 30 wondeful coves, Mediterranean vegetation and crystal-blue sea.

Coming from the sea, the anchorage offers an expanse of white sand, surrounded by a rich green Mediterranean scrub and wild rocks contrasting the cobalt blue of the sea. On the promontory which surrounds the anchoragre raises the picturesque Tower of Cala Bianca, while from the sea bottom pours out a source of fresh iced water called S. Caterina, which enters the sea.

The bay can be easily reached by boat, while, by land, the only solution available is a long excursion (more than 1 hour) along a path starting from Marina di Camerotta, not suitable for people with mobility problems.

All those who have visited the anchorage and its white-sand beach surrounded by the wild nature of the Park define them a peaceful heaven on earth and one among the most beautiful places where to have a bath in Cilento.

Avoiding the crowded summer period, the bay offers a great plurality of aquatic fauna to scuba divers. It's not by chance that Cala Bianca is part of the protected marine reseve which goes from Marina di Camerota to Scario within the Cilento National Park