Bay Of Positano 

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The bay of Positano is one among the most famous coves of Amalfi Coast.

Near the neach of Marina Grande raises a quay equipped with an iron pier. Landing is allowed within a 38-metre-distance from the quay and exclusively reserved for authorized tourist ships and hydrofoils.

Recreational boats, on the contrary, can moor at the main marina of the town (about 300/400 metres far from the beach) in the equipped areas run by some local cooperatives. The same societies provide yachtsmen with a taxi boat service. Anyway, mooring is not allowed in the aerea around the quay and yachtmen have to avoid the course of transiting hydrofoils.

Unfortunately, the surroundings offer no filling stations nor grocery stores. However, the area of Marina Grande is rich of restaurants, shops and even a filling station.

As an alternative, yachtsmen can drop the anchor near the beaches of Fornillo (west of Marina Grande), Arienzo and Laurito (east of Marina Grande).

Nevertheless, we suggest not to moor there in case of strong winds from the second and third quadrant.

You can't certainly miss a visit of Positano, a picturesque and colourful village rich of majolica domes and scented gardens.

Marina Grande offers a spacious beach (in addition to many shops and restaurants) and it is the starting point of numerous excursions along Amalfi Coast. The smaller beaches (Fiumiciello, Fornillo) are very charming and  generally less crowded than Marina Grande.

Climbing to the top of the village, visitors will discover a real labyrinth of staircases, alleys, artisan shops and wonderful landscapes.

The bay of Positano is an ideal starting point to sail off to the other destinations of the popualr Amalfi Coast. If you prefer, you can reach Amalfi and Sorrento Peninsula also by bus.

Sorrento is 14 miles far from the bay of Positano, while Agropoli requires a 28-mile-travel.

Finally, from Positano you can easily reach the so-called Gods' Path, a wonderful natural path amongst sky, sea and land.