Buondormire Bay 

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Ancorage in Buondormire Bay - Capo Palinuro

That of Buondormire is a safe anchorage post where to drop the anchor and stop in wonderful blue waters, near the Natural Arch. It is well-appreciated by both sailors and tourists for its uncomparable natural beauty and clean sea.

The area offers a good shelter from winds and it is generally crowded during the day but quieter at night. It's not by change that it's called "Buon dormire" (sleeping well).

On land, the tourist will easily find many restaurants and taverns where to taste some excellent fresh fish. The local inhabitants seem to be very kind and welcoming to tourists.

The anchorage post is a sort of pure heaven on earth, surrounded by a rich green vegetation and a wonderful sea. It can be easily reconized since, opposite to it, raises the Rabbit's Islet, which takes its name from its particular rabbit-shape.