Bay Of Maronti 

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Situated in the southern shore of Ischia Island, the bay of Maronti is part of the municipality of Barano.

Marked by the promontory of Punta Sant' Angelo on the West and Capo Grosso on the East, the bay extends over the south-western side of the island.

Well-sheltered by north-western winds, the bay offers a sandy safe sea bottom. The best areas where to drop the anchor are those near the harbour and the picturesque village of Sant'Angelo or in front of Maronti Beach. All those areas offer a good shelter against western winds and mistral.

The bay presents no particular dangers but, in case of bad weather conditions, we suggest to look for a shelter in another port of Ischia. The closest one is the small harbour of Sant'Angelo which , perched under the namesake islet, offers a good shelter from winds blowing from the first and fourth quadrant. The port can receive about 100 boats and it is very crowded in summer.

The waters of Ischia, together with those of Procida and Vivara - are part of the Protected Marine Reserve of Neptune's Kingdom, an oasis which aims to protect the local acquatic fauna and flora. Thus, all activities which might risk to damage them are forbidden or specifically ruled.

On land, you can easily find lots of coffee bars, restaurants and shops. Near the bay, there's also a bus stop.

The Bay of Maronti offers a wonderful view on the islet of Sant'Angelo and its picturesque fishing village.

The beach of Maronti is 3 km long and well-sheltered by the surrounding hills. It hosts a long series of thermal sources, such as that of "Cava Scura".

Visitors can certainly enjoy a walk around the hills of Barano.