San Nicola Arcella 

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San Nicola Arcella is a small municipality in the province of Cosenza, Calabria, characterized by a very picturesque coast. A wonderful bay, called Blue Bay, is dominated by a promontory hosting the remains of the ancient Devil's Tower, allso known as Crawford's Tower since the famous horror writer Francis Marion Crawford stayed here for a long time.

Along the coast, the beach of Arco Magno offers a crystal blue sea and faces the so-called Dino island, a wonderful marine grotto which can be reached both by land and sea.

Since the beach is particularly difficult to reach by foot, the anchorage is generally crowded with private and tourist boats. Dino Island is a wild rock surrounded by crystal blue waters, reachable only by boat.

The island is the biggest of the two ones existing in Calabria and it raises opposite the town of Praia a Mare. It's particularly appreciated and visited by scuba divers for two popular grottos: the Blue Grotto and the Lion's one. The first became famous some years ago, when world champion Simone Arrigoni reached it and established a new apnoea record.

For its strategic position, the island was the scene for several battles in the past; it's also an excellent watching point and, in fact, it still preserves the remains of an ancient Norman watching tower. In 60's, it was bought by Gianni Agnelli, who wanted to transform it into a luxury tourist atttraction.

So, he built some jetties, bungalows, restaurants and villas but, after many transfers in ownership, it was finally declared site of Community interest. At present, it is run by Dino Island Club, which constantly works to make it an excellece of the Calabrian tourism.

The island extends over a 50-hectar-area, surrounded by some crinkled coasts, constantly crowded with boats