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Copanello is an anchorage along the Ionian coast, in the province of Catanzaro, Calabria. The town is a hamlet of Staletti, a municipality situated 8 km west of the anchor post. Copanello is one among the most popular places in the Ionian Sea, located in the middle of the Gulf of Squillace. It is surrounded by many sandy and rocky beaches, a rich Mediterranean vegetation, mountains and hills.

The riviera is characterized by some wonderful bays, such as Caminia, situated just 6 km south of Copanello, or those around Soverato. The coast is rather crinkled and irregular, with many coves, rocks, grottos and bays. The sea is breath-taking and particularly appreciated by anyone liking snorkeling and underwater fishing.

The anchorage of Copanello is a pleasant place, oftern reached by a light breeze in summer. The gulf opposite the beach is constantly crowded with boats, since it is well-sheltered and plunged in a wonderful scenary.

Since 60's, Capanello was the summer destination for many rich people and it is full of coffee bars, restaurants, holiday resorts and shops. It also hosts the popular luxury lounge bar La Rotonda sul Mare, which inspired Fred Bongusto's song.

The town offers some interesting archaelogical sites and buildings, unfortunately defaced by some illegal constructions, finally demolished in 2007. The anchorage is particularly appreciated since it is plunged in a wonderful sea and landscape.

In addition to grottos, tourist can visit Cassiodoro's pools , Vivarium, founded by Flavius Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus , probably in 555 AD, many museums and historical buildings, such as the house where Garibaldi spent a night and the Paelochristian St. Martin's Chapel.




Immersione nelle vasche di Cassiodoro