Ranieri International Voyager 20

Ranieri International Voyager 20

Motor Boat

Boat Description

Voyager 20 is a fast and reliable boat which ensures better performances by means of both powerful and moderate engines sizes. It features a sharp hull, various skids and steps located amidships; the hull itself highlights the new Ranieri Voyager 20 sportive traits. Thanks to its particular Hull Innovative System, Voyager 20 enables interesting performances as well as an immediate planing also by means of moderate engines sizes; likewise, it ensures the same fuel economy and comfort during navigation than boats belonging to a superior category. Besides, it is the only boat in its class which can be provided with a up 200 HP engine thanks to its particular structure. The lower deck is not second-rate than the hull. It offers comfort and relax during navigation thanks to the outer spaces excellent arrangement and well-refined details as only the Soverato shipyard is able to do.   

The hull is made of a standard, shiny and white fiberglass specifically designed and customized for the Ranieri Calabrian shipyard. Its products stands out for a sober and elegant color, which doesn’t follow the short-lived market tendencies; while non-slip and well-refined surfaces show an appropriate contrast with both the designs and blue-grey silver little inlays of cushions and saddle tank. All systems are well-realized and especially the electric one: a watertight box, similar to the industrial installations one, holds all electric sources, the battery detachment device and a remarkable empty duct which ends close to the steering gear and can be considered as a real godsend to install additional electric and electronic components.

The classic and elegant Voyager 20 layout features the steering gear amidships, two lateral tween decks, a large forward sunbathing area and two astern sofas for up to 8 people including pilot, co-pilot and passengers. The bow will be very appreciated by women because of a large area ideal to sunbathe and chat; whereas passengers enjoy soft cushions and a useful and safe handrail which offers a strong support; the latter only features a break on the bow to facilitate the disembarkation. This area houses an underlying large fore peak closed by a door. As a whole, Voyager 20 also enables the bulky equipments stowage inside many lockers without difficulty.

The eye-catching steering gear amidships is provided with a Plexiglas smoked large windshield enclosed by a handrail. It is possible to install a useful fitted fridge particularly recommended in case of a large part of the day spent on the sea. Both topsides are provided with two rod holders compartments which can be easily exploitable for other purposes. Whereas, the steering gear central position enables to distribute weights correctly during navigation and offers a comfortable support both to the owner and possible passengers. The watertight steering gear holds a locker accessible by a door located at the bottom. The standard equipment consists of a sportive rudder characterized by the shipyard logo and the throttle, while on starboard there is a lockable drawer provided with a strong safety handle for the passenger. 

The panel can feature carbon or root finishing and is clearly readable also in sunlight, while the windshield also offers a lateral protection and an unobstructed view in case of stand-up driving thanks to its dimensions. Driving seats feature folding seatbacks and a useful locker; likewise, they hold a sink and a space for a possible gas stove. The seats are fully removable in order to obtain a further big locker similar to the forward one and reserved for technical equipments such as batteries, safety gears and bilge pumps. The astern simple and well-sized swimming platform features a self bailing compartment containing the engine. The stainless steel useful telescopic ladder is provided with non-slip steps and a long railing extended up to the cockpit. The Voyager 20 standard equipment also includes an astern useful shower.

It is a complete and innovative open boat characterized by technical, hydrodynamic and aesthetic very significant solutions. The latter are the result of a well-designed project in keeping with the construction method belonging to the all Ranieri International models.

Boat Technical Data

General Data

  • Overall length:
    6.05 m
  • Waterline length:
  • Maximum beam:
    2.4 m
  • Draught:
  • Displacement
  • Ballast:
    780 kg
  • Straightening:
  • Construction materials:

Sail Details

  • Sail area:
  • Equipments:
  • Mainsail:
  • Spinnaker:
  • Genoa
  • I:
  • J:
  • P:
  • E


  • Engines:
  • Hp:
    115 min / 200 max
  • Transmission
  • Fuel tank:
    250 lt


  • Interior materials:
  • Cabins
  • Berths:
  • Fuel tank:
    250 lt
  • Boat capacity:
  • Wc:
  • Water tank
    75 lt